Team get’s “hissing”, on digital recorder. They said it was above them?



Friday 11/28/14

8pm-10pm group of 5


It is not unusual for activity to occur as soon as we enter the Morse Mill Hotel.  However, on this night we experienced something I had hoped I would never encounter.


Basement/slave quarters – seconds after we enter the room the hissing began, it was heard by all as it was extremely loud.  A flashlight was shined into the area it was coming from and nothing was seen.  I honestly thought a wild animal had found its way into the building.


For fear it was an animal and not wanting to get pounced on, the group said lets get out of here, when we said we would leave the hissing stopped and so did we.  Someone said “it stopped” we stood waiting, discussing the situation.  I said “I don’t think it’s paranormal” and it started again.  It showed me, that’s what I get for making such a statement!  We got out of there quick.


The next morning I sent a text to the boss letting him know I thought an animal was nesting in the basement due to the hissing we heard.  By 10 am he had searched the area in the basement and the entire building and told me no animal or signs or an animal in the building were found.  I couldn’t wrap my head around this.  I have heard of this type of activity but never experienced it myself.  This has happened at the hotel in the past in the same area I was told.  I have seen scratching occur, objects move on their own, white mists in the attic, been touched and recently heard my name called.  But never up to this point had I been hissed at by an unseen force.


I was by no means trying to debunk it however I couldn’t help but to search the internet for animal hissing.  I watched videos of squirrels, raccoons and possum’s just to do a comparison and rule them out.  They did not sound the same.  A snake maybe?  Snakes are hibernating, it has been too cold for them to be out and about.  Honestly there is no way for anything to get inside, the building is always on lockdown when the living are not there.


I consulted with several trusted colleauges in the paranormal field.  Each stating hissing is not good!  The pitch is not that of a wild animal one informed me.  Another said hissing is to scare the living or shush us.  Perhaps this entity was just not in the mood for company on this night and put their foot down (so to speak) immediately upon our arrival into the room.  It worked!


I have changed my mind on my first initial thought of it being an animal.  Thankfully I had my digital recorder running and captured the hissing.


The remainder of the night seems a blur as I could not take my mind off of the event we had just experienced.  Regardless the tour must go on and on we went to see what other surprises may be awaiting for us to discover.


Mag lights seemed to be the device of choice for the spirits tonight.  We set up 3 in the fireplace room.  Two of them were turning on and off responding to questions.  Finally the third was also used.  In the attic one mag light was set up and responded to questions.  It turned on very bright when a caramel candy was presented.  K2 meters were pegging up to red in the small room in the attic.


Three footsteps were heard on the first floor toward the back of the house while the tour guests were all in the attic.

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