Sunday 10/12/14 6-8pm, “8 ladies”.

Basement/Slave quarters- demonstrated mag lights, set up 3.  One turned on and stayed on, I asked for it to be turned off, while we waited the group heard a whistle.  We needed to leave to continue the tour through the rest of the house.  Discussing leaving the room a different mag light came on.


2nd floor bay window room- K2 flashing to yellow upon entry to this room.  One up to red by the doorway.


2nd floor front bedroom- K2 flashing to yellow talking about the video of the little girl.


Attic- K2 flashing to yellow telling stories of the spirit in the attic.  When asking for K2 again one lit up to red.


Attic small room- again K2 meters, one woman smelled a pungent spice.  It disappeared as quickly as it came.  We confirmed it wasn’t anyone’s perfume.


Back in the large area of the attic lots of K2 activity.


The group stayed in the attic.  I was walking down the staircase as I stepped off the last step onto the first floor I captured a woman’s voice that said “sorry”.  Were we passing each other and she apologized for maybe bumping into me?


Piano room- a shuffling noise was heard coming from behind the display case, I was called into the room to listen.  I asked can you make that noise again?  About 2 minutes went by when we heard it again.  I set up a mag light on the case and it turned on and off responding to questions.


Basement/fireplace room- one guest had K2 flashes while I was getting another guest set up to use the dowsing rods.  Several different guests used the dowsing rods each receiving responses by the rods crossing and uncrossing.


Slave quarters- I sat in this room with a mag light set up.  I was asking if there is anybody here can you turn on the light for me.  The light never did come on however, I did pick up a male voice on the digital recorder that said “I’m here!”


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