Skeptical of Spirits, College News Reporter! by Janis Francis

Is there life after death?

There are people who can answer with a definitive yes. I am not one

of those people. I am not going to argue that there is a higher power

that is controlling everything, but I am a skeptic. I need to have

proof if there is something out there that is beyond this world.

This is why I jumped at the chance to go to Morse Mill Hotel

for this article. The hotel is said to be haunted. It was used for

everything from a hotel and a personal home, to a post office

and half way house. Some of the guests ranged from Al Capone to Charlie Chaplin,

to Jesse and Frank James. It is currently under construction to

transform the hotel into a bed and breakfast. I went into the experience

wanting to see some sort of proof on the existence of ghosts

and paranormal. I am not here to tell you whether or not ghosts exist,

but rather I will tell you what I expierenced and you can make

your own decision.  First thing you must know is that there is no electricity in the

hotel. The electricity that is there is for the primary source of allowing

reconstruction crews to use  their equipment. There are alarms

on all the doors and the walls are bare studs. No one can come or

go from the building without being heard or seen.

The equipment we used were K2 meters, also known as an

EMF detector. These are used to

determine a change in the elec


fields. We also used

Mag light flashlights to allow

communication with any “spirits”.

The last object was dowsing

rods. These are used by holding

them very still and asking yes or

no questions. The

answer is determined

by whether

or not they cross

or uncross in the


I also took

with me a still

camera, a video

recorder, and an

audio recorder. It

is said that there

are often heard

whispers or other

sounds on recordings.

On photographs

there often

appear to be small circles known

as orbs. Artist and photography

teacher Blake Carroll stated

“these are caused when some


is reflected by the flash and

returned to the camera lens”.

We first were taken on a

tour of the building. The meters

would change from green lights

when there was not any so called

“contact” to orange and red when

there was large amounts of “contact”.

These changes were caused

by a change in the magnetic field

around us.

The tour guide Dawn began

to knock on the walls. There

would come a sound that appeared

to be knocking from the

upstairs floors. This was possibly

from the settling of the building

since it is over two hundred years

old. We were also instructed on

how to use the Mag light Flashlight

to get a response from the so

called spirits.

After we finished the tour we

were allowed to explore the house

on our own. I decided to return

to the attic. This is where there

is supposedly the spirit of a little

girl named Annabelle. Earlier in

the night I had spoken in the room

stating that my mother’s name

was Annabelle and that she was

no longer alive.

So I decided to see if I would

get any type of response in the

room when I returned. My partner

and I went up and set up the

Mag Light on the floor. There is a

board on the floor that protrudes

up and work

stepped away from the light and it

was turned off. There are toys set

up in the room for the little girl, so

in some ways I guess I was talking

out loud to the toys. I stated

that we would need to be leaving

and that if there was anyone in

the room that they would need

to turn on the flashlight and we

would stay. Suddenly the flash


turned on. There was not

anyone near the light and neither

of us was moving to were the

light might have gotten shaken

and turned on.

I proceeded to tell a story in

the room and when I was finished

I stated that the light would have

to go off so that we would know

it was time to leave. The light

proceeded to turn off, again no

one was near it. We said goodbye

to whatever or whoever was

in the room with us. And left

the building for the night, again

insuring that everything was still

locked and the alarms were still

set and there was no one else in

the house besides the tour guide,

myself, and my partner.

As I stated earlier, I am a

skeptic by nature. I went into this

wanting proof of life after death.

I know what I heard and saw that

night. I am not going to say that

I believe in everything that happened,

but I am a little less of a

skeptic now.

So I leave it up to you, fine

readers, to take a tour of this

amazing piece of history and you

can decide for yourself if there

really is life after death.

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