Sat 8/15/15 8-10 pm

Attic-a couple were sitting in attic alone, asked ball to move, turned on flashlight as red ball rolled across the room away from them, lots of K2 activity throughout the night
1st floor-one girl was holding the dowsing rods, it was her birthday, the rods swayed back and forth while her group sang happy birthday to her, she was crying, she said she is not an emotional person but she couldn’t keep from crying, she said she felt happy but overwhelmed, K2 activity in room #4, flashlight on staircase would randomly go on and off, one of the guys in the group said he felt like someone was following him as he walked through the hotel
2nd floor-K2 was lighting up in the hallway, the little girl played with the group (duck,duck,goose with K2’s)
Basement-while in the fireplace room two women reached up at the same time and said that it felt like someone had touch their hair,  flashlight activity in the slave room area

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