Construction pics of renovation underway! 3 floors raised 2.5 to 4 inches….

We are raising the entire interior of the building, in 5 places. Repairing the sagging caused when some “fool” removed several “load bearing”walls.

I Beams & Posts



Here is a video shot, as they prepare to lift the exterior wall. This specific lift, 1 of 5 lifts was 2.5 to 3 inches. 52 feet vertical, 3 floors.

Video>             Hotel lifting 4 floors, 2.5 inches.

Opening the basement floor, putting back a group of walls, that should never have been removed. Next we lift the building 4 inches in this area.

Basement floor excavation pre concrete

We are also using Brick harvested from a 1860’s cigar/casket factory. Rebuilding 8 sections, of both chimneys. Each floor will have 2 wood burners.

Hotel piano rm chimney, prep for repair.Hotel Piano Chimney After

We also are repairing the main fireplace, notice 2 big guys working in the massive firebox. When blazing, the stone heats as if a large radiator has been turned on thru the 4 floors.

Hotel main firebox, in work.

Lifting the flooors, sagging requires men and steel, then a 30 ton jack…the building ‘pops” as we lift!

Hotel I Beam #4 of 5 lifting party...

IMG_1414 IMG_1413Finally Steel is in place, and secure!

Exterior Door Replacement:

Hotel E Door pre demo Hotel E Door Ext

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