8-10pm; Heard a little girl laughing.

As we walked through the hotel on begin of tour the k2’s went off in several areas.  After the tour one of the men wanted to go outside to the bathroom, I went to the main floor with him, while he was outside I was changing a battery in one of the k2’s.  He came back in and asked me if anyone else had gone outside, I said “no, why?”, he said because he would have sworn someone came out behind him and followed him, he said he even hurried so they didn’t have to wait outside.  I just laughed and handed him the k2.  The group split off into different areas.  Everyone had some k2 activity.  Two of the couples were using the dosing rods and were having very interesting responses to questions that they were asking.  Just as the tour was ending and I was gathering everyone, I was talking to a couple in the 2nd floor bay window room when we heard a girl laugh, I though someone was up in attic, no one there, I went through the rest of the house no one had laughed

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