4.18.15/Stl Paranormal Team notes, 6 hr visit!

  1. ‘K2 activity and several people in the group felt dizzy.
  2. When in the attic with lazer grid there were shadows moving back and forth.
  3. Heard female sigh, breath noise..
 First Floor-
  1. One male with group, unable to enter room #4 without feeling bad.
  2. Flashlight going on and off while laying on stairs pointing into dining room area.
 Second Floor-
  1. Heard walking from this floor when everyone first entered first floor, back end of 2nd floor.
  2. One person felt like they were hit in left side of head temple area.
  3. Another person felt like they were hit on left jaw area at same spot of hallway.
  4. Again the male in group not able to go into two of the rooms on the 2nd floor.
  5. Feeling of being watched while on the 2nd floor, lots of energy making several feel nauseous
  1. K2 meter lighting up.
  2. Shadows, seen  moving..
  3. While  using phone app had several words come through in the basement (police, pastor, doctor, bible, confess)

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