11/8 8pm to 10pm….Paranormal team

11/8/14 8-10 pm (this is paranormal group that were actually there 7-10:30 with equipment setup)  Really hard to write up because they were all in different areas, these are just the things that I saw happen that night, very active night…..

Piano room-one person felt like they were touched while sitting over by piano, there is picture of light passing behind him when he felt touched.
Dining room-rock or small object thrown from top of stairs, we could hear it fall down at least 3 stairs, flashlight going on and off to questions on couch, room became so cold we could see our breath when 30 minutes earlier the room was a normal temperature
1st floor-heard talking down the hallway
2nd floor-heard little girl laughing, dark shadow at the top of the stairs you could see from 1st floor, loud bang, couldn’t tell where it came from
Slave room-flashlight on and off to questions
Cistern room-drained all batteries in cameras, flashlight on and off and k2 on and off but not responding to questions just going on and off
K2 going off through out the hotel, downsing rods responding to questions.

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