1-8-11 “Something runs around the room as we sit within”.

January 8, 2011
The day Jeff and I were there during the day we went to the attic and heard footsteps and movement, Asked a couple of questions and it seemed like we were talking to a teenager from the responses with tapping we heard. 
I left a book of fairy tales in the chair right out side the little room in the attic and when we came back to get it before we left it had moved three inches to the right.. 
When we were sitting in the piano room Jeff sat by piano and I sat by the entryway to the room, we experienced extreme cold, so cold I was shaking uncontrollably. 
We heard footsteps above us and on the stairs and in the outer room. 
We heard what sounded like someone chopping something on a wooden cutting board, (like you were chopping carrots or something.) 
We heard a lot of movement in the outer room, at one point it sounded like someone was banging around pots and pans, (like when you are getting ready to cook and you start pulling out the things you will need)  
While sitting in the room something walked in and did an entire lap around the room, and then proceed to make noises over by the front door  (we weren’t sure what they were doing but it sounded like whatever it was, was trying to do something to the door)  Also we asked if it was William and heard several loud and very distinct knocks in the room. 
We went and sat in the dungeon room and saw lots of shadow movement and we heard a lot of footsteps in the outer room.  Also we experienced extreme cold after we had been sitting there for about Ten minutes and lasted until we left the room,  After that we gathered our stuff and left for the day. 
 Thanks again Pat for allowing us to go out there and hang out with your friends we are never disappointed. 

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