1-29-11 Strange “Foreign Language” EVP further researched.

The team that runs the guided Investigations, last year recorded a visit. Over the recording later that day was a womans voice.

Expert in digital and web driven implanting to protect software was sbrought in, to see if this could be something hidden in the code, to disrupt pirating. So we asked if the devices had been new, and here is the team response.

that’s right patrick.  we have been using the same recorder, same lap top and same programs and this has never happened before or since.   plus donnie listened to 2 files on the recorder and it wasn’t there but then after we played it on the laptop it showed up on the 2 files on the recorder he’d already listened to as well as the 2 he hadn’t listened to…i do understand what sean is saying however i don’t really think that’s what happened.  if it was – then why didn’t it happen before or since?  the program we use is the same program my son uses in college at one of his computer classes.

Basically it is not possible to write code capable of doing this, not simply done. This voice that occurs every 6.7 seconds over minutes and minutes, after the creation of said file in this manner is not possible. It would require a major overhaul electronically, and seriously expensive editing equipment being as these are digital imprints over 4 files, yet sequenced perfectly file to file is a womans foreign voice. Then hidden for this precise event, then go away never to happen again. Nope that don’t work, it is something we can not explain.

 I wonder who she is and what she is saying?

We are loading this shortened version, file into the EVP page, look for the title:

“6.7 seconds a womans voice over 4 files, and a little girls voice”

 If you think you know what she is saying please share!


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